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Wisconsin Alcohol Seller Course - Alcohol Awareness Training - Wisconsin

About Wisconsin Alcohol Seller Training

This course provides you with all the necessary knowledge and techniques you need to be a responsible server of alcohol. Specifically, you will learn how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability, how alcohol affects your customers; how to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers, how to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated, how to intervene when you need to cut someone off, how to prevent and deal with disturbances, and how to accurately check IDs and recognize minors.

Wisconsin Online Course
Alcohol Server Seller Course
(State of Wisconsin)
Approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and COMPLIES WITH WISCONSIN STATUTES 125.04 and 125.17 for certification requirements.

Course Price: $14.95

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What does an alcohol beverage license allow?
It allows persons to sell alcohol beverages to individual retail customers, from a particular place (premises). Licenses are issued by municipalities (cities, villages, towns) after the governing body (city council, town board, etc.) determines that the applicant is qualified for the license. No one can sell alcohol beverages or allow consumption in a public place without getting the appropriate license.

What exceptions are there to the server training course requirement?

The exceptions to this requirement are:

  • if you are renewing a Wisconsin retail or an operator's license,
  • if you were the agent of a corporation that held a Wisconsin retail license within the past two years,
  • if you held a Wisconsin retail or operator's license within the past two years, or
  • if you completed a Wisconsin approved server training course within the past two years.


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