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Texas Alcohol Seller Course - Alcohol Awareness Training - TABC - Featuring New Course Material!

About Our Texas Alcohol Seller Training
This course is focused on the issues surrounding responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages. This course is approximately 2 hours in length plus the final certification quiz. Upon completion of the entire course and passing the final quiz, you will receive your Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Seller/Server Certification.

We utilize the Austin-based Dram Shop Schools curriculum, one of the first seller-server training programs approved in Texas by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. It has been used to train thousands of employees of alcoholic beverage licenses throughout Texas since 1988 and has been recently updated to reflect requirements of the TABC Code Chapter 50-Alcohol Awareness and Education. TABC License # 472-526/527.

This exciting new course development has many benefits that the older version did not:

· Students can print their official certificate online; no more waiting for a certificate in the mail

· Students do not have to complete the course within a 6 hour time limit; they can take it at their own pace and log on and off at their leisure

· The new course has great interactive scenes and streaming video; no more animations


Texas TABC Certification Online
Alcohol Server Seller Course
(State of Texas - TABC)
By clicking Take It!, you will be redirected to the Learn2serve website. As the provider of the course Learn2serve will ask personnally identifiable information required by the TABC and necessary to complete the course. Clicking Take It! will not charge you any fee, however you can refuse to be transferred to this website by choosing not to Take It!
Approved Program #454-508

Course Price: $10.99

New Feature! Print your TABC Certificate immediately after completion!

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What will my employees gain from our TABC Certification course?
Our course work is designed to teach Texas law that will directly affect them as an alcohol server or seller. They learn that they are personally responsible and may be held liable if they sell or serve to minors or an intoxicated or impaired person. Topics include the following:

Alcohol awareness and laws
Responsible alcohol service
Detection/Intervention techniques
ID Checking skills
Detection of Minors
Calculation of BAC

Why should I get this Alcohol Seller Training?

Texas Law
Effective Sep 1, 2000: Anyone who sells, serves or delivers alcoholic beverages including persons who immediately manage, direct, supervise or control the sale or service of alcoholic beverages must be TABC Certified in order for the business to continue to receive "Safe Harbor" from fines and penalties related to employees actions. See Chap. 50-TABC for more info.

Protection From Fines
Section 106.14 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code says that in the case of: "…sales, service, dispensing or deliver of an alcoholic beverage to an intoxicated person or a minor, action of an employee shall not be attributable to the employer if:"
1. The employer requires its employees to attend an approved seller-training program
2. The employee has actually attended and passed an approved program
3. The employer has not directly or indirectly encouraged the employee to violate such law

Lawsuit Liability
Over the past thirteen years a growing number of alcohol liability lawsuits in Texas that have been settled both in and out of court have included attempts to collect damages from alcohol licensees for everything from auto accidents, personal injury, property damage, pregnancy, STD's, rape and fights Your best defense is to ensure all of your employees are TABC Certified within 30 days of employment.


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