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Texas Tobacco Seller Course - Tobacco Awareness

TX Tobacco Seller Training
This course covers the proper way to sell tobacco to customers. Students will learn facts about tobacco such as origin and health concerns. Students will also learn how to card customers and spot fake IDs.

In 1997, the Texas Legislature enacted a bill (SB 55) that made it illegal to sell tobacco products to minors - those younger than 18 years of age. Anyone 27 years old or younger must present a valid identification before buying tobacco products. Warning signs must be posted at each retailer's location.

Retailers must notify employees of the law, and obtain their signatures as record of the notification.

Texas Online Course
This course covers the proper way to sell tobacco to customers.

Texas State Approved Program
Online version hosted by 360Training.com.

Course Price: $9.95

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Vendors may be certified to train employers and employees engaged in the retail sales of cigarettes or tobacco products. (See Rule 3.1203 for more details.) Vendors must make application to the comptroller's office on a prescribed application form. The comptroller's office will review qualified applications and certify vendors interested in providing a seller training program.

Why should I get this Training?

Texas Law - Penalty for Violations:
If the Comptroller finds, after notice and hearing, that a retailer has sold cigarettes, cigars and/or tobacco products to a minor, at a place of business for which a permit is issued, the Comptroller may suspend or revoke the permit for that place of business or assess an administrative fine in an amount up to $1000 per violation. (Tax Code, Sec. 154.1142 and Sec. 155.0592)

Minors who violate the tobacco law can be fined up to $250 and required to attend a tobacco awareness program or participate in a tobacco-related community service. Parents of a minor convicted of a violation may be required to attend the tobacco awareness program with their child. For additional penalties, see Rule 3.1204.


Texas Department of Health: 1-800-345-8647 (to report violations or to request compliance information)
Comptroller's Office: Toll Free Number For Information About Tobacco Permits: 1-800-862-2260
Comptroller's Office: Toll Free Number For Seller Training Certification: 1-800-531-5441, ext. 6-5946
Comptroller's Office: Toll Free Number For Tax Enforcement Issues: 1-800-388-2883
Comptroller's local numbers in Austin:
     Permits  463-1693
     Regulatory  936-5946
     Enforcement  305-9783



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