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E-Learning Basics
In today's global society, learning is required throughout our lives - not only to remain competitive in job markets, but also to enhance our individual participation in culture and society. We need to learn new skills, we need further training for existing skills and we need new and faster ways to learn these skills. Online learning is a viable and effective method that leverages the internet to deliver anytime/anywhere learning to individual learners. With rich multimedia instruction e-courses have the power to increase access to education and training, while reducing learning costs.

Is Online Learning for You?

Online learning is different in many respects from the traditional face-to-face learning we're all used to, primarily in the way we get our information and how we interact with instructors and classmates. Many people say they learn more online, and their retention is better too. Consider that good students in the traditional setting may fair poorly in an online environment, while struggling students may excel with online courses. This can be explained in part due to differences in learning styles. Visual, self-directed learners do well at online learning, but others succeed because online instructional design is often sophisticated and planned to reach a wide variety of learners.

Benefits of e-Courses

There are many significant advantages for the student who learns online. Here are just a few to consider:

Convenience and Portability

  • Courses are accessible on your schedule
  • Online learning does not require physical attendance
  • Learning is self-paced (not too slow, not too fast)
  • You're unbound by time—courses are available 24/7
  • You're unbound by place—study at home, work, or on the road
  • Read materials online or download them for reading later


  • Online learning accommodates your preferences and needs—it's student-centered
  • Choose instructor-led or self-study courses
  • Skip over material you already know and focus on topics you'd like to learn
  • Use the tools best suited to your learning styles

Higher Retention

  • Online learning will draw you to topics you like and enjoy. Studies show that because of this and the variety of delivery methods used to reach different types of learners, retention is frequently better than in a traditional classroom.



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