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About Take it Today

At Take It Today, we're passionate about knowledge and committed to sparking the potential that drives productivity. Our solutions are innovative, practical, and proven through years of experience.

Take it Today is more than e-Learning. From our roots in classroom training and courseware development to our present role in the online training revolution, we have used learning methods proven to unlock the knowledge of individuals in the work force and increase the value of organizations.

Our President
President and expert-trainer, Thomas M. Marino, is a 20 year veteran of the USAF and holds a Masters Degree in Quality Systems Management and Bachelors in Education, Training, and Development. He is also a certified Health Promotion Director through the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Moreover, Tom has conducted numerous speaking engagements on Health and Wellness related topics across the country. His training cadre includes experienced Public Health educators, Drug and Alcohol Abuse counselors, and Law Enforcement officials. 

Why Take it Today?

98% of students completing our post class evaluation claim that our training was "well worth their time "with 80% of the material covered as "new to them".

Of those that have previously taken other classes 97% say that the Take it Today class was "better than the one I took before."



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